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Davide Comaschi, Johan Martin, Frank Haasnoot and Yann Couvreur come together at number 21 to share their vision of pastry, their attitude towards such a dynamic sector, their creative methods and their desire for innovation. A number with alternative articles, such as the experiences of the five new MOF pâtissier, the work of the spectacular school Wang Sen in Shanghai with 12 campuses and 3,000 students per year or the research around the ganaches developed by Ramon Morató with Anne Cazor. Other great professionals showcase more culinary styles, betting on the local culture, vindication of the sweet tooth, geometrically balanced presentations and much more.

Contents only in English

SUMMARY Kirsten Tibballs Happy birthday, so good .. Jiro Tanaka Chocolate Japanesque Johan Martin Slow viennoiserie Yann Couvreur Exactly what it looks like Frank Haasnoot The living pastry Davide Comaschi Double success Alexis Bouillet The piping bag and the spatula Juan Contreras A long journey to the sweet side Nicolas Belorgey Books full of nostalgia Attila Meinhart A culinary touch Xavi Donnay Mini priority Richard Hawke A dialogue with the ingredients Pascal de Deyne Nature in mouth Essence, by Espaisucre, High school desserts Miko Aspiras Stories from the Philippines Jose Romero The Panettone inside and out Anna Bolz Hitting all the right notes Tidbits Ramon Morató & Anne Cazor A new look at chocolate ganache MOF 2018 Five of a kind Wang sen The western style agitator in China Jerome Flayosc The recipe of a chef's portrait